Friday, August 14, 2015

The Confederacy is tumbling down. New Orleans Historic District Landmarks Commission votes to remove 4 monuments. UPDATE: Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal seeks to keep monuments in New Orleans UPDATE2: Jindal finds out there is no Heritage Act in Louisian

From the report: 

The first of two public hearings Thursday was conducted by landmarks commission. The hearings center on the Robert E. Lee monument at Lee Circle, the Gen. P.G.T. Beauregard statue at City Park, the Jefferson Davis monument in Mid-City and the Liberty Monument in the CBD.

During the hearing, the commission voted to bring forth its recommendation to remove the four monuments. The decision is not final, just a recommendation to the New Orleans City Council.

The Liberty Monument is a monument to a battle by the White League to restore white supremacy in New Orleans.

There has long been efforts against this monument.

The next commission to hear about the monument will be Human Rights Commission and I think it is very likely to vote for removal.

The neo-Confederates give their usual bogus and lame arguments.

As each city or state or park gives up Confederate monuments it sets the precedent for other political units to give up Confederate monuments. It makes the Confederate monuments that remain seem more anomalous and out of place. It also shows that the neo-Confederates don't have the political influence that people might have thought they did. Also, with so many places giving up the Confederacy the neo-Confederates face too many battles to focus on. It shows that the public symbols and monuments to the Confederacy can be removed and encourages people to attempt to do so. Finally, it creates an environment where the removal of Confederate monuments and symbols seems inevitable and so less and less effort is made to defend them and politicians don't want being a defender of the Confederacy to be in their political record.


See this article.

From the article:

Gov. Bobby Jindal's office is looking for ways he can keep four Confederate monuments erected in New Orleans, presumably over the objections of Mayor Mitch Landrieu and the City Council.
UPDATE2: Evidently the "Heritage Act" that Jinal's office referred to doesn't actually exist.

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