Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Loathsome George Zimmerman is painting Confederate flags and teaming up with a bigot to sell prints of them. Friends like this are worse than enemies to pro-Confederates.

Loathsome George Zimmerman is now painting Confederate flags and prints of these flags are being sold by an anti-Muslim bigot who operates a "Muslim Free Zone" gun shop.

These are some links to the story.

As an opponent of the Confederate flag this is welcome news. What better could convince Muslims around the world to see the Confederate flag as a bad thing.

With Zimmerman painting Confederate flags what better could convince people in America that the Confederate flag is loathsome.

Also, amusing is that the Sons of Confederate Veterans even though they know that Zimmerman painting Confederate flags is not a good for the image of the Confederate flag, will be very reluctant to speak out against him since their membership is likely to contain many persons who are sympathetic to Zimmerman.

So the reputation of the Confederate flag takes a beating and the Sons of Confederate Veterans won't do anything about it.

It will be interesting how this is viewed among conservative groups. Zimmerman has some degree of popularity with fringe elements and this might be one more thing that will push the conservative movement in this country into embracing the Confederate flag.

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