Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Presidential Questionnaire now on a web page. Questionnaire for the candidates on how they stand regarding the Confederacy and neo-Confederates

The questionnaire and the cover letter to the questionnaire is on the webpage.

From the webpage: 

There are a surprising number of ways a President and their administration is involved with policy and practice which promotes honoring the Confederacy or enables neo-Confederates.

So are these candidates have been written with proof of mailing.

REPUBLICANS: Ted Cruz (5/11/2015), Mike Huckabeee (5/11/2015), Dr. Benjamin S. Carson (5/11/2015), Carly Fiorina (5/11/2015), Rand Paul (5/11/2015), Marco Rubio (5/11/2015), George Pataki (6/2/2015), Lindsay Graham (6/17/2015), Rick Santorum (6/6/2015), Jeb Bush(6/17/2015), Bobby Jindal (7/3/2015) , Martin O'Malley (6/2/2015), Rick Perry (6/4/2015), Donald Trump (7/3/2015) .

DEMOCRATS: Lincoln Chaffee (6/17/2015), Jim Webb (7/3/2015), Hillary Clinton (5/11/2015), Bernie Sanders(5/12/2015).

Candidates who will be written next: Scott Walker, John Kasich, will be sent the questionnaire shortly.

Other potential candidates will be written after they announce. For candidates not responding to the first mailing there will be a follow up mailing by certified letter.

Lincoln Chaffee replied and said that he would not be answering questionnaires.

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