Saturday, December 13, 2014

Neo-Confederates and the definition of the "Megastate"

I am not sure there is a definitive definition of what a megastate is. I found definitions online that said it was a large geopolitical state. I suppose that everyone would agree that Russia and China and the United States are very large states in comparison to the rest of the states.

I think others would agree that Luxembourg, Andorra and Lichtenstein are not megastates.

Evidently there is however a broad interpretation on what is a megastate by neo-Confederates.

I refer to this posting on protest by a secession movement in Yemen.

The blog posting states:
First communism, now the megastate. Slowly but surely, the bloody legacy of 19th- and 20th-century ideology is being dismantled and discarded.
Really, Yemen is a megastate? It might be that it is merely a conflict local in nature and doesn't represent any world wide trends.

Other "megastates" at the League of the South blogs are:



United Kingdom:



The second posting states:
The age of the megastate, with its internal oppression to hold it together, and its belligerent foreign policy to expand its power, is past. Good riddance.
Belgium, a megastate?

The possible break up of Belgium relates to the reason that it was a state put together by diplomacy for a variety of reasons. Again there are unique local factors driving the break up of Belgium. It doesn't represent any global trend of devolution.

Finally all these proposed nations, Scotland, Wales, Flanders, Catalonia, Venice, etc. plan as the first thing on their agenda to apply to the European Union so they can exist. I think the European Union is a developing megastate.  They are It is just trading one capitol for another. They are also counting on NATO to provide security for Western Europe.

The Scottish secessionists even hoped to continue to use the British Pound.

This fascination and discussion about secession overseas by neo-Confederates is just them trying to convince themselves and others that secession is possible in the United States.

So far secession in the United States is just people blowing off steam when they are contacted by pollsters.

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