Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Convicted former Sons of Confederate Veterans Commander-in-Chief Ron Wilson, an update. What type of people are attracted to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. UPDATE

Some time ago I posted a blog on former Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) Commander-in-Chief Ron Wilson and his conviction for fraud in running a ponzi scheme. The posting is:


He is now serving a 17 year sentence for the ponzi scheme.

It seems he has been indicted again for trying to hide some of  his ill gotten gains with his estranged wife and his brother. They are being indicted along with him. This is an article from The Independent Mail in South Carolina.



They were convicted according to this article.


The Ron Wilson case reminds me of another SCV officer from whom there has been unfavorable public news reporting.

There is Ray McBerry, Commander-in-Chief of the Georgia Division SCV.

This is one news story.


There are a series of text messages shown for the article. They seem creepy to me.

This is another news story.


And this is another news story.


Along with some other things I have observed, which I am not going to go into here, I wonder if the SCV hasn't reached a certain stage in its history.

This would be a stage in which normal people tend to avoid the SCV and the SCV instead more and more attracts persons who are extremists or mentally a little off or both. As the SCV becomes more explicit in its agenda SCV members who are Confederate enthusiasts but not wanting to secede or support the neo-Confederate agenda feel uncomfortable belonging, but this more explicit agenda tends to at the same time attract more extremist elements. This further shifts the SCV to a more extremist agenda and the process repeats. Perhaps this process is already underway in the SCV.

Also, the SCV has a fair quantity of assets in terms of money and real estate. Some scammer might even now be planning to be Commander-in-Chief to get at the assets of the SCV.

Again this is a speculative thought. However, if you organized a flat earth society what type of members do you think you would attract?


In the "With friends like this you don't need enemies," category there is this response to this blog posting about the SCV.


The defense of the SCV by the League of the South (LOS) in my opinion hardly helps dispel the idea that the SCV might be becoming an organization of people who are cranks.

For the League of the South I might point out a person's misbehavior is not excused by the misbehavior of others.  It is a child's response when one is caught taking cookies to exclaim that a sibling has also been taking cookies.

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