Thursday, October 09, 2014

"The sky is falling, the sky is falling." Neo-Confederates and Ebola

 Yesterday the website Lew Rockwell had this story.

There was a red headline in large capitol letters, "BREAKING NEWS."

With the text and link:
"2nd Person Rushed to Hospital With Ebola SymptomsHe was in contact with Liberian immigrant who has now died."
The article opens up with the statement:
"A second patient with Ebola symptoms walked into a Texas clinic today and told medics he had been in contact with first victim Thomas Duncan."
A link was provided with to a local CBS channel. 

However, if you read the CBS story and other news stories the patient hadn't ever been in contact with the Ebola patient Duncan. He had merely been in the late Duncan's apartment for 30 minutes.

His symptoms were feeling sore and "stomach issues."  He was tested for Ebola and the results have come back today. He tested negative. 

Also, for those who read the CBS article, they would have read that the chances that the sheriff had Ebola was very low. 

From the article:

"Monnig’s children told CBS 11’s Andrea Lucia that their dad woke up this morning feeling sore and a little nauseated. 
“We were told by federal officials, county officials that you would have to come in direct contact with Duncan or direct contact with bodily fluids, and he did not,” said Monnig’s son, Logan, about the possibility of his dad contracting Ebola. Logan said it’s a very scary time for his family, but they do not expect that his dad will test positive for the virus. 
Monning was not one of the 48 people being monitored by federal, state and local health officials because he never had direct contact with the patient. Monnig did enter the apartment where Duncan had stayed before being admitted to the hospital."
As it turned out the sheriff had something else.

However, I am sure that will find some other imaginary terror. 

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