Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ebola Crisis winding down, Neo-Confederate hopes dashed

The Ebola crisis is winding down. Recently 43 people were taken off observation. These were the people who had initial contact with the Liberian patient Duncan.


The person on the Carnival cruise ship tested negative.


In my opinion it seems that Texas Presbyterian Hospital was incompetent despite all the "blah, blah, blah" that their corporate officials are now putting out. Hospitals across the country probably now know that sending a potential Ebola patient home isn't really an effective cost saving measure.

I am hoping the www.dallasobserver.com will do a story which will expose what really happened at Texas Presbyterian Hospital and show once again how the Dallas Morning News is complicit in not giving the full picture of what happened and is basically a shill for the establishment.

It seems that the CDC is probably going get straighten out. A lot of questions will be asked.

It really doesn't matter if we have advanced medical infrastructure and advanced medicine if we just stupidly bungle it up.

Likely the next visiting Ebola patient will be better handled.

However, it seems that Ebola will not be bringing down the United States of America as Gary North was obviously hoping in this www.lewrockwell.com blog posting:


One would be tempted so say that Ebola overthrew Gary North's sanity, but that would presuppose that he had any sanity.

Other neo-Confederates I think obviously had hopes that Ebola would somehow realize their political objectives.

Already the League of the South has moved on.

It is really obvious a lot of people were planning to exploit this health problem for their own benefit. Now that no apocalypse is likely to be forthcoming the articles of hysteria will prove embarrassing to their authors.

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