Sunday, April 20, 2014

Will have questions for Thomas Y. Hiter about the SCV UPDATE:

Dr. Hiter is head of the 2016 Vision program at the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) which is defining what the SCV is. In his letter to me has the following sentences:
"We are more than willing to enter into a dialog with you or anybody else at any time concerning the Confederate solider; that is our charge."
"If you have questions concerning our stand on race, history, or the Confederate soldier, why not ask us?"
"We will answer anybody's questions; we will enter into public debate."
Hiter also criticizes me conducting my letter campaign "instead" of asking questions of the SCV.

UPDATE: Questions were sent to the SCV. You can read them at this blog posting.
Also, at this same blog posting I am  updating as to whether the SCV responded.
Resuming original post:

So I do have some questions regarding the SCV and I do plan on utilizing this opportunity to learn about the SCV.

I did some brainstorming this morning and came up with 91 questions or topics on which to ask questions. With this unique opportunity I wanted to think about some questions regarding the SCV regarding its identity, history, and how they conceive of historical memory. There are some particular questions about race and racism, but there are broader questions. Let me list here three of them that people might not think to ask.

1. Why is the SCV restricted to persons descended from Confederates? If a person has a positive view of the Confederacy why not have them be members instead of auxiliary members? What is the necessity of being a descendant? Is the SCV setting themselves up, intentionally or unintentionally, as a hereditary cast of Southerners who are more southern than others?

2. Why only male members? This is the 21st century and not the early 20th century. True the name is Sons of Confederate Veterans, but names can be changed. The SCV has changed its name before. The SCV allows a person to join with proof being a descendant and paying dues. The UDC has more restrictive policies in which you have to be asked in or have a sponsor. The UDC isn't an alternative, but even if they were, why not open up to women instead of confining them to an auxiliary group The Order of the Confederate Rose?

3. The original name of the SCV was the United Sons of Confederate Veterans similar to the names United Daughters of the Confederacy and United Confederate Veterans. Why did the USCV drop "United" from their name?

I have other questions. Sometimes people just assume they know the answer. In other cases no one thinks to ask a question about something, how ever things are now, the person takes them as a given. I think I will have a core set of ten questions, but it might be more.

I have not as of the time of this posting heard back from Dr. Hiter.


My questions which I sent to Dr. Hiter by email are in this blog posting.

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