Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Neo-Confederate married religious leader Doug Phillips sued for sexually abusing another woman.

The Vision Forum of Doug Phillips is shut down. The website  has the message, "Thank You for 15 Years" and notifying that they are shutting down. You can download the catalog covers of their catalogs of the 15 years. I have many of their catalogs. They are really something to read. Knowing now of this scandal retrospectively the sections on "Beautiful Girlhood" strike me as creepy.

Why might The Vision Forum be shutting down? This story from the Christian Post explains what is happening with Doug Phillips.

The Vision Forum ministry has this message on its closure:

This is a link to an article explaining Doug Phillips' Confederate interests.

Doug Phillips is a leader in what the members of the movement call the "Quiverfull" movement. "Quiverfull" movement members reject contraception and try to have as many children as possible. I think the reader can figure out what the "quiver" is and of what it is full.

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