Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Sons of Confederate Veterans goes Tea Party, sees election as a terrible trial for the nation.

In the Jan./Feb. 2013 issue of Confederate Veteran, the official publication of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV), SCV Commander-in-Chief R. Michael Givens in his regular column "Report of the Commander-in-Chief" has a column titled "We must soldier on." (Pages 4-5)

The theme of the column is that the re-election of Obama is a terrible thing, but people must not give up hope. Givens writes:

"After the election many people across America, dissatisfied with the results, have called for secession. They feel hopelessly dejected and are certain that their present needs will not be met under the current circumstances. They feel as if the real problems of the economy and the dangers of this volatile world are not being address. Does this condition seem familiar? What might our revered ancestors thing of our current situation? One hundred and fifty years later and the struggle is the same. Fact is, 225 years ago our ancestors where [sic] putting all they had into a struggle for liberty based on similar circumstances as ours."
So Obama is being compared to King George III. Obama is seen to be an oppressor. He is also compared to Lincoln which SCV members feel was a tyrant and a villain.

Givens can't seem to bear to mention Obama by name but expresses his fear of him that he will be like Lincoln writing:

Only in Reagan did we enjoy a moment in time when a president came close to recognizing the unique rights of our states as prescribed by the founders. Will our current president do more than try to be Lincoln? Will he succeed? Will his actions, like those of Lincoln, create a deeper divide in our country? Are we destined to repeat history? 
The election of Obama is compared to the defeat of the Confederacy during the Civil War which for the SCV is a bad thing.

In the same issue, Mark W. Evans, "Chaplain-in-Chief" in writing that the states seceded for states' rights, comments about the current political situation. (page 12)

Some 150 years later, the issues of governmental tyranny and states' rights are seen as something more than Southern paranoia. Now, the entire country awaits the outcome of a struggle between the vestiges of a Constitutional republic and a self-determining bureaucracy. What was thought to be a regional problem has become a national crisis. 

Columns like this should dispense with the fiction that the SCV is merely a historical organization. They have had a political agenda and do have a political agenda.

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