Sunday, January 06, 2013

Courtland Rogers stupidly gets Confederate flag tattoo

Courtland Rogers, husband of Teen Mom 2 show star Janelle Evans, got a Confederate battle flag tattoo just recently. I am sure we will hear the usual excuses that it is "Southern heritage" or "Southern pride." He won't openly admit to racism, but he would have to be totally disconnected from reality not to know that it is a provocative racist symbol. Obviously that is what he wanted. Maybe this makes him daring bad boy in his mind.

The story and picture of the tattoo is online here:

For those of you who think the Confederacy is about states rights, and the other usual self-serving rationalizations given by its supporters as excuses to the public when their real reason is an antipathy to African Americans and probably modernity in general, the following is a link to the reasons Texas seceded.

This is an article from a speech given at a Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) meeting that was printed in the Confederate Veteran, in which the speaker, SCV Texas Division historian wants to ship African Americans back to Africa.

If fact just visit for numerous primary documentation which will show that Confederate "heritage" is really hateful.

However, I doubt that any of these documents would make Courtland Rogers regret the tattoo, they probably would make him happier that he got the tattoo.

It says something about Janelle Evans that she went along with the tattoo.

It was a thoughtless stupid thing to do.  What type of lesson does Teen Mom 2 want to teach her child? Not very good parenting in my opinion.

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