Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Southern Partisan" -- Alive or Dead

The last issue of Southern Partisan was sometime early 2008. There is a fairly inactive website also and the latest story there was August 19, 2008. So is the Southern Partisan defunct? I don't think it is. Its editor, Christopher M. Sullivan, has been the Commander-in-Chief of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and I think probably very busy running the SCV. With the recent election of new officers for the SCV, Sullivan is now freed up to get Southern Partisan going again, which I think he will. I think the Southern Partisan has a loyal base which will support the publication through interruptions in regular publishing.

However, I think it does face challenges. After the press reporting on Southern Partisan in 1998 and 2000 over Trent Lott and Ashcroft respectively, prominent persons haven't been showing up in the Southern Partisan, unless they are retired and their careers are over. Thomas Woods Jr. omits any mention of his League of the South and Southern Partisan past at his website I think Gutzman hopes that the public isn't aware of his book reviews in the Southern Partisan. With the absence of U.S. Senators, prominent conservatives, authors, TV personalities like Willard Scott, the Southern Partisan loses some of its prestige and ability to attract readers.

Also, the type of university contributors that contributed to Southern Partisan are passing away. The English Dept. of universities in the South are no longer the habitats for neo-Confederacy like they once were. I don't think members of the Obama administration will want to interview with the Southern Partisan like members of the Reagan administration did.

I don't think the Southern Partisan is going to want contributors like those who wrote for Southern Mercury, the publication of the SCV Educational PAC. (I have put some short reviews of Southern Mercury articles online at

Nor do I think the Southern Partisan will want to publish fringe articles by persons who worry about the Illuminati and other conspiracy theories.

So there is going to be a challenge for the Southern Partisan to find contributors, but I think they will be able to find contributors. It will be interesting who they find. It might be people like John J. Dwyer. Maybe Douglas Wilson in Idaho,

On the other hand it could be that Southern Partisan will produce a few more issues and then be finished. The whole academic branch of neo-Confederacy might be dying out or no longer willing to publish in the Southern Partisan. When and if the Southern Partisan does terminate, it will take a few years to know for sure.

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