Thursday, January 01, 2009

Presidential Candidates for 2012 and neo-Confederacy

I have started a web page for 2012. The link is

Right now it is just a skeleton. I mostly copied over the 2008 page and eliminated those who have no chance of running for president in 2012. I have some updates in it also. There is the Black Commentator web page on Bill Clinton and the UDC. I have The New Republic article on Ron Paul and his newsletters. I need to ad to the Huckbee entry his pro-Confederate campaigning in 2008. I don't have anything in the Sarah Palin entry except her name and office. The Alaska Independence party is neo-Confederate and she was supportive of them. I will have to get together the documentation on this.

I will be writing Obama some letters regarding various Federal Government policies which support neo-Confederacy and will post the replies in the Presidential Candidate 2012 web page. I am none partisan and Obama will be treated like any other presidential candidate.

I do plan on sending out a questionnaire at some point to the candidates in 2011.

I have only three potential democratic candidates at this time, President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and Hillary Clinton.

I will be adding Republican candidates to the list as I am able to find out who are considered likely candidates.

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