Friday, February 15, 2008

"American Idol" Or "Confederate Idol" creepy video by Kristy Lee Cook

One of the American Idol contestants is a country western singer and stars in a video with the Confederate flag. Sort of creepy video with fairly heavy handed symbolism.

The video does take time to load and the web page asks you to be patient, you will have to be.

Yes, I have decided to include popular elements in this blog.

Incidently, if you know of some interesting item to blog about, let me know. I can't promise to undertake each one, but I would like to have a choice to consider items.

Update: I am beginning to pin point why this video is strange or creepy. First thing, it opens with the singer singing into a sleeping man's face. I can see a visual in which a man is sleeping in the background and the singer singing in the foreground. However, singing right in the face reminds me of when you are in a deep sleep and some idiot wakes you with noise.

Secondly, I think singing how devoted your are is conceited. Others may think you are devoted, but I think a person doesn't brag how devoted they are. It would be like a singer going on and on how modest they were or how good they were.

Thirdly, why is she so devoted? Is her love object kind, tender, thoughtful? The song could have him giving her flowers or some such. However, the theme is that he is a military hunk with his shirt off who picks her up and throws her into the lake where she can then have a brief wet shirt scene.

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