Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ron Paul and the Neo-Confederates

Since the Republican presidential candidate debate the American public that cares anything at all about politics knows who Ron Paul is. Rudy Giuliani did Paul a great favor by angrily attacking him. What better publicity could Ron Paul get? So I have added Ron Paul to my Presidential Candidates 2008 page at .

I haven't put the Neo-Confederate material in.

He has an extensive record with the Neo-Confederate Ludwig von Mises Institute (LvMI) and actually attended a LvMI secession conference . Lew Rockwell the director of the Ludwig von Mises Institute runs also. You can visit their website and see what their opinion is of Ron Paul. I will have to spend an hour to get all Ron Paul's involvements on the Presidential Candidates 2008 page. Look for Paul, Ron on my web page.

Some political pundits have said that Giuliani won because he supposedly put Ron Paul in his place. It strikes me as a lot of pious humbug to me. A lot of commentators trying to strike some type of pose, like Giuliani himself. The real winner is Ron Paul. As I said, the American public that cares anything at all about politics now knows Paul exists and prior to the Giuliani outburst not too many people new who he was or had any idea what Paul stood for. Then the Republican establishment media had to denounce Ron Paul since it was a news item. So Ron Paul got additional publicity.

My guess is that even among Republicans the Iraq war is losing its popularity. The three front runners in the Republican party have luke-warm support from a large section of the Republican party on other issues. A lot of Republican and conservative leaders probably are not so happy that their political futures are going to go down with Iraq. A Republican U.S. Senator facing election in 2008 is probably not very happy. A Republican governor up for re-election in 2008 is probably not very happy either. The front runners can't count on the incumbent president to campaign for them in the primaries since that would bring them down for the general elections. The candidates want to be a "Reagan" and not a Bush. Finally, I have a hunch that the public is fed up with focus-group driven candidates.

I don't think that things are locked down. If by this Fall things in Iraq are still going badly Ron Paul may do fairly well in the Republican primaries. The Republicans may be in turmoil.

I do think Ron Paul's election would be a disaster for the nation. However, I don't think that is likely. The same failure of the war in Iraq that might drive Ron Paul to the front ranks of the Republican presidential candidates, will likely drive the Democrats to victories in 2008. However, after the election Ron Paul may no longer be an outsider in Republican party politics.

In watching developments in politics and the Republican party being more and more a regional party of the South and West, I wonder what potential there is for it to be a party with a more Neo-Confederate agenda. Also, by what avenue this may happen. As, I have blogged before, I think the Republican party defeats in 2006 and the falling popularity of the Bush administration has weakened the Republican party establishment's hold on the Republican party agenda. Some development, Ron Paul's success in the primaries or something else might break it and I think a Neo-Confederate agenda might well come rushing into the Republican party. This is all very speculative.

I will get some of Ron Paul's information online over the next few months.

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