Sunday, May 20, 2007

Jerry Falwell and Neo-Confederacy

Just for the record.

Jerry Falwell interviewed in Southern Partisan, Vol. 2 No. 2, Spring 1982, starting page 22 I believe.

Liberty University has Neo-Confederate activities. One year the History department put Jefferson Davis on trial and found him innocent by finding secession legal and justified. Southern Partisan liked the mock trial so much they ran an article on it. (Southern Partisan, Vol. 22 No. 3, May/June 2002, pages 28,39.) Liberty University actually did advance promotion in the Southern Partisan for the event. They had a full page inside back cover ad. (Southern Partisan Vol. 22 No. 2, March/April 2002, page 41.)

A trial of Abraham Lincoln was done also and Lincoln was found guilty of war crimes. See this link

This year in 2007 Liberty University is having a Robert E. Lee event. That in itself isn't a problem, you could discuss his violation of his sworn oath of allegiance to the United States as an officer. His losing the war. (I know this is being somewhat picky, but he was a general after all.) However, I think it will be a lot of glorification of Lee.

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