Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Southern Partisan" Editor elected head of Sons of Confederate Veterans

Christopher M. Sullivan, editor of Southern Partisan, has been elected Commander-in-Chief, the head, of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) according to their webpage www.scv.org.

This is a very important development in the Neo-Confederate movement. The different elements of the Neo-Confederate movement, academic groups, intellectuals, activists, genealogical, are now all brought together by Christopher M. Sullivan. Also, Sullivan's succession to Sweeney, is a continuation of radical Neo-Confederate control of the organization and the SCV being in the harness of Neo-Confederate nationalism.

There has been speculation that Southern Partisan shut down after the McCain campaign in 2000, there was a very slow period afterwards, but it has been publishing at its usual pace, which has always been irregular. With Christopher M. Sullivan it should be able to draw on the 30,000 members of the SCV for subscriptions. What Sullivan will do regarding the Southern Mercury, a publication with the same mailing address as the SCV, and which seems to be a competitor with the Southern Partisan remains to be seen.

This recent election further makes the League of the South irrelevant, which seems to be an organization of just a few people. I don't see a purpose for their existence in the Neo-Confederate movement.

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