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Council of Conservative Citizens George Allen Items

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UPDATE (8/29/06): An article quoting me regarding George Allen and Neo-Confederacy was published online at "The Nation" magazine website. The following is the link to the article.

I finished reading Ryan Lizza's article on George Allen for The New Republic. In reading the article, I found George Allen sinister. There are parts of it which I think suggest something worse. The article was in the May 8, 2006 issue. I haven't found a complete article online.

I have already put some of George Allen's Confederate items on my Presidential Candidates 2008 page.

I did a search of my hard disk and came up with a couple items.

In the Citizens Informer, official newspaper of the Council of Conservative Citizens, Vol. 26 Summer 1995, on the front page, is an article about the CofCC ( national convention. The article in reporting the afternoon session states:

"... , R. Jefferson Garnett, Esq., an advisor to Virginia Gov. Allen, discussed the Tenth Amendment Resolution." [Italics in the original]

Another interesting item is a photo of George Allen and Charlton Heston with the leaders of the Council of Conservative Citizens on page 4 of the Citizens Informer, Vol. 27 Summer 1996. The caption reads:

"At CPAC'96. (L to R) Virginia Gov. George Allen, Citizens Informer editor Fred C. Jennings, CofCC C.E.O. Gordon Lee Baum, national CofCC President Tom Dover, and actor Charlton Heston." [Italics in the original.]

The CofCC was one of the co-sponsors of CPAC for several years until the expose of the CofCC and their links into the Republican party in the Washington Post in Dec. 1998

The Vol. 26, Spring 1995, page 4, "Virginia legislation update," reported by Michael W. Masters, Fredericksburg, VA, gives some explanation of the CofCC's enthusiam for Republican Party politics in Virginia, quoting:

"Residents of the Old Dominion are rejoicing because the Virginia General Assembly passed the Tenth Amendment Resolution in February. In a related development, a new Federalism Commission was created to study abuses by the Federal government of constitutional powers that rightfully belong to the states." [Boldface in the original]

The Federalism Commission item is troubling. During the Civil Rights era, Virginia had an anti-civil rights effort called the Virginia Commission on Constitutional Government. The following is a link to one of their pamphlets. "Just for historical interest" this commission republished the Confederate constitution.

Garnett was able to get his agenda pushed as a Allen appointee ( and do some real damage based on his crackpot ideas.

The attack on the Child Care organization was because of a curriculum they adopted to promote tolerance.

I think it could prove very productive to track down George Allen's activities in Virginia during the 1990s up until 1997, and his early years in Los Angeles. I would go to the genealogy sections of the local libraries, and the emphemera sections and see what he did with the local SCV and UDC chapters.

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