Saturday, May 27, 2006

Republican Congressman John J. Duncan Jr. Contributor to "Chronicles" magazine

In the May 2006 issue of Chronicles magazine of the Rockford Institute, Tennessee Republican Congressman John J. Duncan Jr. has an article on pages 8-9.

Duncan has contributed a series of articles to Chronicles magazine.

Sept. 2002, page 6. Complaint about Federal government.

April 2003, page 3. On the war in Iraq and what he calls American Empire

Dec. 2003, page 7. War in Iraq

Jan. 2004, page 43. About his East Tennessee accent. Article also mentions that he is an Elder for the Eastminister Presbyterian Church in Knoxville.

Chronicles magazine is largely a Neo-Confederate enterprise. President Thomas Fleming was one of the founders of the League of the South, along with other Chronicles editors. Fleming also was the founding editor of Southern Partisan.

Paleoconservatism is an appropriation of portions of the conservative past by present reactionaries to give themselves a lineage, and by Neo-Confederates to give their agenda a broader avenue. Paleoconservatism is a project by Neo-Confederates.

The last congressional representative was Manzullo of Illinois, who became part of the Rockford Institutes effort to block integration of the Rockford schools. When the Rockford Register Star did an expose on the Neo-Confederate identity of the Rockford Institute, Manzullo dropped the Rockford Institute like a hot potato, saying that Illinois was the land of Lincoln.

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