Saturday, May 13, 2006

American Flags, Mexican flags, and Confederate flags.

The following link to an opinion piece by Steve Chapman in the "Chicago Tribune" is about the rallies by Hispanic immigrants and has a commentary about the complaints about foriegn flags, which Chapman points out:

"The complaint about "foreign flags" is especially nervy coming from Lott, who as a cheerleader at the University of Mississippi used to carry a Confederate battle flag onto the football field. Unlike the architects of the Confederacy, those people waving flags from Mexico or Honduras never tried to tear this country asunder."

Click here for link to Chapman's column.

Chapman points out that Irish flags in a St. Patrick day parade don't seem to cause problems with people.

I have noticed that the same conservative media which decries the display of the Mexican flag is the same media that defends so-called Confederate "heritage."

The following is a link to an article I had published on the anti-Muslim/anti-Hispanic Neo-Confederate movement in the United States.
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