Friday, February 09, 2018

Eliminating the Confederacy is a great way to get racist stupid people to stay away

This article reports that the Kings Dominion amusement park has changed the name of their roller coaster from "Rebel Yell" to "Racer 75"

On the amusement park's Facebook page are some rantings including threats to never return to Kings Dominion again.

It doesn't seem to occur to these people that their absence might be considered an added benefit of getting rid of a Confederate monument, or getting rid of a Confederate name.

This article shows that there is a steady progress of de-Confederating the built environment. Also, what is important about this change, there doesn't seem to have been any protest movement to push the amusement park to change the name.

Instead, the park itself decided it was an undesirable name. Commercial establishments are deciding to drop the Confederacy on their own because they don't think it is good business. Dolly Parton drops "Dixie" out of the "Dixie Stampede."

As each commercial establishment drops the Confederacy the remaining Confederate things with other businesses seem more and more anomalous and these other businesses face pressure to drop the Confederacy.

Probably, many businesses are quietly dropping the Confederacy across the nation, it just isn't making  the news.

Of course less reference to the Confederacy in commercial establishments make the built Confederate landscape on public property less acceptable.

It is a process that is going to feed upon itself.

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