Sunday, July 02, 2017

A Comedy at Gettysburg, but not so funny.

One would have thought that after being played for fools in Houston regarding the Sam Houston statue, right wing crazies would wise up. That is where all sorts of protesters showed up to protect the Sam Houston statue in Houston from a supposed Antifa attack which didn't materialize. It seems that someone pulled a prank to get people riled up.

This is an article about what the protest at the Sam Houston statue.

After this you would think that claimed Antifa events made by sketchy sources would be more critically viewed and seen as somewhat dubious.

However there were articles such as this in Breitbart. Reading the article you realize that there isn't really any hard evidence or much evidence at all, but I am sure mentioning Antifa and the Confederacy gets clicks.

The thing was that Antifa said they had no protest plans at Gettysburg.

Despite that it was fairly obvious that there wasn't likely to be any Antifa protesters and that the sources of information that there were going to be Antifa protests seemed bogus, dozens of "self-described Patriots" came to Gettysburg.

These protesters wore camouflage outfits and carried guns. One of the "Patriots," Benjamin Hornberger, 23 of Shippensburg, PA, managed to shoot himself in the leg. According to reports the accident was due to the flag pole he was carrying resting against his holster.

How families visiting Gettysburg felt with all this happening isn't reported. A stray gun shot by individuals carrying loaded weapons could have hit a child.

This is the article describes what happened.

The event which the Antifa were supposedly going to protest was an event by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Evidently the Park Service gave them a permit to have an event at Gettysburg Park. So much for the so-called "High Ground" of the National Park Service.

I have never known the Antifa people to have much interest fighting neo-Confederacy.

I think that someone, or a small group of individuals, have realized that you can easily fool right wing crazies. After all they think there might be child slave camps on Mars run by NASA.

You can't make stuff like this up, and how can you parody this type of stuff?

So I think someone has figured that right wing crazies will believe anything and is having fun.

As amusing as this might seem, and it does seem to be amusing in some ways, these pranks are a dangerous thing to do. Some person is going to show up someplace on some regular type of business and these right wing idiots will get excited and shoot that person and maybe themselves and nearby strangers.

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