Sunday, December 18, 2016

Neo-Confederates deficient

On Dec. 31st 2016 1pm we are having a Reject Racist Robert E. Lee  Periscope broadcast at the Robert E. Lee Park.

This is the link to the Facebook event.

This is a blog with the reasons to reject Robert E. Lee

As you might imagine, Neo-Confederates are not happy with this event. Some decided to post opposing comments on the Facebook event page. I deleted the comments but did printout Facebook event page to record their comments.

What is surprising is that they didn't have any real arguments in defense of Robert E. Lee. The blog gives the reasons and none of the items listed were addressed.

Instead there were comments like, "Learn your history!"  The question in response would be what item in history did I need to learn. The comment implies that I don't know my history or enough history and if I did I wouldn't have this opinion against Robert E. Lee, and the comment avoids discussing the historical issue or mentioning what the item I needed to know was.

Rather than argue the question the responses generally are implied or direct attacks on the intellectual competency of the organizers of Reject Racist Robert E. Lee, but don't discuss or argue the history.

The other arguments were to throw in irrelevant historical items.

I think that the reason that their arguments are so very deficient is that they aren't arguing the real reason why they support the Confederacy and Confederate monuments which is their support for white nationalism. So they are grasping for reasons to oppose our event.

I think they also don't understand that being outraged isn't a reason in itself. It might be a reason for a Breitbart editorial, it might be an argument for those in their social circle, but it isn't really a reason.

It also shows that the remaining support for the Confederacy is increasingly just the rage of resentment.

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