Sunday, March 06, 2016

Presentation on M.E. Bradford went well

My presentation on M.E. Bradford at the Texas State Historical Association went well. It was the last session so the meeting room wasn't packed, but it had a reasonably good attendance.

The important thing is that I need to continue work on my Bradford manuscript and decide how I am going to move forward.

There are two possibilities.

1. Just work towards publishing a book.

2. Do a series of academic papers and then publish a book.

Bradford's writing is a phantasmagoria of hysterical writings in some of his essays. My one regret that in 20 minutes I had and with the demand to cover all the aspects of his career, I didn't have time for some extended quotes of Bradford's writings. .

One interesting thing about Bradford is that he was enabled and accepted in the field of Southern Studies and paleoconservatism and this says a lot about both.

I am thinking about writing about Southern studies and racism and the term "South" as an ideological construct. So I might expand my scope also.

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