Thursday, September 24, 2015

Russia and American Secessionists: America under attack

The Russians are encouraging secessionists movements in the West including secessionist groups in the United States.

The article doesn't mention any neo-Confederate groups, but Russia has been working with the League of the South.

Our initial reaction might be to laugh, since it seems that secession in America is so implausible and the standard response is to refer to the Civil War and say that the question of secession is settled.

Before we go further in discussing this, Puerto Rico has had votes on whether to secede, be a commonwealth affiliated with the United States or opt for Statehood. The opposition to secession in Puerto Rico is made up of Puerto Ricans. If Puerto Rico decides to be an independent country I don't think there is much opposition to this. It came under American sovereignty as a result of American victory in the Spanish-American War.

Back to the issue of secession. Secession movements usually start out with small percentages of the public supporting them. They can languish for decades, but the history of nations can be very long and nations can encounter all sorts of situations, sometimes the nation is down, such as the occupation of France by the Germans. There can be other catastrophes and during those times, it is the patriotism of the members of a nation that determine whether a nation persists. How long was Poland under foreign occupation and yet it exists.

Other nations are long forgotten like Burgundy or Arles, which unless you really know your medieval history, you probably have not heard of them.

Ultimately nations exist because their members imagine themselves to be of that nationality.

Russia instead of being a major communist world power is now a major reactionary and anti-democratic power and attacking the democratic West and looking for any fissure to exploit to bring down Western nations.

Unfortunately the United States is full of monuments to violent white supremacist insurrectionists who sought to break up the United States, that is the Confederates and their Confederacy. Already a very bad idea, now these monuments serve to enable a hostile and formidable foreign power that is against America, against the West, and against democarcy.

Confederate monuments, holidays, and buildings, streets, schools, etc. named after them need to go and need to go now.

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