Saturday, August 30, 2014

No posting on the Ice Bucket challenge with the Confederate flag and the head on fire.

Yes, I saw the ice bucket challenge that was done with a Confederate flag and in which the hair was set on fire. It was all over the internet. I saw it once, I don't want to see it again. I am not going to include a link to it. I am not going to have it on this blog.

I have some problems with it.

1. It sounds like the person who was doing the challenge was seriously hurt. I don't find that funny or entertaining.

2. I question whether this video was what it seemed. If it was a sincere ice bucket attempt, why would you put it on the internet when it was clearly a failure?  Why would you go to the effort to upload it?

I suspect, but I can't prove it, that perhaps the video was a staged to make fun of a stereotype.

It seems that the public has a certain stereotype of those who are supportive of the Confederacy and the Confederate flag that they are rural persons of low intelligence and lacking education and not able to pronounce many words.

The neo-Confederate movement is composed of educated people who are intelligent. These stereotypes of who supports the Confederate flag helps neo-Confederates by allowing them to represent themselves as not being racist.

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