Friday, May 02, 2014

Council of Conservative Citizens reporting on race: An Example

The Council of Conservative Citizens has a hysterical article at their website here:

The head line reads, "Nova Scotia bar owners convicted of racism for calling police on unruly black patron." The article tells the reader, "Dino Gilpin, a black immigrant, was asked to leave a Halifax bar because he did not have a valid picture ID. When he refused to leave and made a scene, the bar called police," and "So, in Canada, it is now literally illegal for a business to call the police on a black customer who is causing trouble and refusing to leave." in bold print.

So is that the case? This is the Canadian coverage of the story.

From the news story:
"Dino Gilpin — who is black and originally from Sierra Leone — went to the commission after he was refused service at the Halifax Alehouse on Feb. 20, 2010, when they wouldn't accept his Canadian citizenship card as a valid form of photo identification."
Further from the news story:

In a decision dated June 13, the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission ruled the decision to refuse to serve Gilpin was based on the bar's rigid ID policy, rather than his race.
But the commission also said the Halifax Alehouse broke the Human Rights Act when staff called the police, ruling that only racial discrimination could explain that action when Gilpin was simply drinking a glass of water.
"I find that the worst that can be said of Mr. Gilpin is that he overstayed, lingering over his water. I find that he was calm and behaved appropriately throughout," wrote J. Walter Thompson, the chair of the Board of Inquiry.
"I find that he did not become loud, rant and rave or cause a huge commotion. I find he showed no signs of intoxication and was not in fact intoxicated."
Thompson went on to say Gilpin was "publicly humiliated."

 An African immigrant stood up for his rights. Good for him.

This should tell the reader how much credibility to accord a Council of Conservative Citizens story.

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