Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tom Rowley on uncritical reporting on the Vermont secessionists, also the mythology of the 1st Vermont Republic

Tom Rowley has a blog,, in which he tracks the Vermont secessionists and does some investigative reporting on them.

In the Green Mountain Daily he has an article on a recent article in Seven Days in which the reporter was reporting on the Vermont secessionists and her understating or omitting the unsavory aspects of their movement, in short white washing them.

The article is here:

What is interesting is that Rowley has taken the time to research the history of Vermont statehood. The whole myth of the first Vermont Republic turns out to be just that, a myth. The people in Vermont were wanting to join the United States from the very beginning, and from the beginning requested admission, and what delayed admission was claims by New York that Vermont was a part of New York. When these claims were resolved, Vermont was admitted.

Like the neo-Confederates, it seems the Second Vermont Republic movement is based on delusional historical fantasies.

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