Friday, September 30, 2011

2nd Installment of Expose of the Museum of the Confederacy (MOC) published/ URL corrected Update: See link to all 4-installments

The 2nd installment of the expose of the MOC can be read at this URL:

The 1st installment can be read at this URL:

I also recommend this web page on the MOC:

I am working on the 3rd installment and hope to have it finished this weekend. A lot of issues come up in the review of the MOC which needed critical and analytical treatment. I have been reading books like "Theorizing the Museum" edited by Sharon Macdonald and Gordon Fyfe and "Christian Materiality: An Essay on Religion in Late Medieval Europe." I must have bought a dozen books or more.

As I was going over the 3rd installment I realized that there were issues beyond explicit and banal nationalism, but other issues on how museums are used to promote nationalism and how the MOC functions as a giant reliquary. Scholars contacted were supportive of my project and willing to make reading recommendations.

Even when my 3rd installment is done it will still need some review and editorial input by a colleague of mine. Then with revisions I will be submitting it to The 4th installment I think will be easy to finish up. Of course I never know until I start writing a piece, whether some aspect previously overlooked will be discovered requiring reading further analysis.


This is the link to the blog posting with links to all four installments;

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