Wednesday, July 13, 2011 runs article about Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Confederate past

The online news and commentary website has an article on Texas Gov. Rick Perry's Confederate past online at:

I supplied the documentation for the story. The letter to Rick Perry asking him to oppose a Confederate license plate for the Sons of Confederate Veterans wasn't mentioned. You can read the letter online at the History News Network at this link:

To find out what the views of all the presidential candidates regarding the Confederacy and neo-Confederacy we are going to be sending them a questionnaire. We are still writing some background papers which we hope to have completed in July. You can read the questionnaire at:

We have a paper on the neo-Confederate issues that are coming up in mainstream politics, a paper on the presidents and the Confederacy, and we have a lengthy background paper on the neo-Confederate movement. These will help provide background information to journalists.

However, right now we are going to focus on the letter to Rick Perry.

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