Friday, December 10, 2010

John Stewart and Larry Wilmore on the Sesquicentennial Secession Ball/History in Cambodia

I am getting a hang of clip embedding. This segment by John Stewart and Larry Wilmore is simply hilarious. When Larry Wilmore says "heritage not hate" you are going to be laughing so hard you might want to hold on to your chair.
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The South's Secession Commemoration
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I think video shows how the Lost Cause has really been rejected so thoroughly by such a widespread segment of the nation that it is now being ridiculed openly and emphatically. I also like that they refer to primary source documents.

This is the link to the embedded video,

A lot of people probably haven't thought through the issues regarding the Confederacy and neo-Confederate rationalizations. So the Secession Ball has resulted in responses in print and on video that explain what the Confederacy was all about to people who probably didn't know a lot of the historical record and hadn't thought through the Confederate "heritage" rationalizations. In the end the Secession Ball has probably hurt neo-Confederacy more than my two books combined had done so far.

On the more serious side, here is a really interesting article of Cambodia addressing the issues of the history of the Khmer Rouge.,0,1672919.story

Perhaps they can have a Museum of the Khmer Rouge which will be a reliquary for artifacts of that era and hand out prizes to burnish their reputation.

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