Thursday, October 29, 2009

Further Updated, Updated Update on the GOP going neo-Confederate

I want to make it clear that I don't think any of the candidates in the NY 23rd district race are neo-Confederates, at least I haven't come across any evidence. The importance of the 23rd district is that moderates are being driven out of the Republican party and the party is going to drive to the right. In the South I believe that will be a drive into Neo-Confederacy.

This is the latest from on the NY 23rd District race.

"In shift, GOP leaders embrace Hoffman" at the following URL.

This update is to my earlier post on the GOP going neo-Confederate.

It appears that Hoffman, the Conservative Party candidate is is climbing in the polls and now is ahead of the Republican party candidate, and tied with the Democratic candidate and appears to have a reasonable chance of winning. House Republicans have suddenly started to support him.

If Hoffman wins, I think that right-wing Republican grass roots, will be emboldened to go after every moderate Republican and people who are not sufficiently right-wing. A big purge may be on the way.


The moderate Republican has dropped out of the race in the 23rd Congressional District. This is the New York Times article on it.

Further update:

The Republican party establishment has crumbled, GOP leaders rush to endorse the Conservative party candidate. Title of article is, "A profile in courage, it isn't - GOP latecomers hop on Hoffman bandwagon."

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