Monday, January 07, 2008

Ron Paul news coming up! A story I contributed to. Update.

Update: This is a link to the article. It originally was either behind a paywall or didn't have a link specifically to it.

I am updating this as I find items all day today. 1/8/08.

The article and the newsletters and the other documents are online now at .

The video of Jamie Kirchick is at in the video section.

It is also online at YouTube at:

Radio interview with Jamie Kirchick

I helped supply material for this story. In particular the secession convention information and a lot of the Ludwig von Mises Institute information.

I have been holding back until Jamie Kirchick story went public.

The head of the Ludwig von Mises Institute is Lew Rockwell and he has a web site which you can see is a sort of Ron Paul Internet headquarters.

Jamie Kirchick's story is going online tomorrow afternoon at the website.

I hope they have the secession convention mailing with Ron Paul's picture on it up on the web site.

Neo-Confederates support Ron Paul because he is one of their own.

Of course the Ron Paul supporters will have all sorts of rationalizations and excuses. Here is a link to a web site with the loopy rationalizations of Ron Paul supporters.

Evidently Ron Paul supporters are given to Brownshirt tactics as shown in this video. Not a lot of "love" or "evol" is it?

One reason they think that they can rationalize that Ron Paul is not a racist, is the stereotype that racists are only belligerent rude people lacking middle class decorum. I explain this in my essay on banal white nationalism.

I am non-partisan and readers can read information on Bill Clinton at my website at this URL.

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