Friday, September 14, 2007

Ron Paul's Speeches for Lew Rockwell.

Ron Paul is turning out to be the favorite of Neo-Confederates at such websites as: , (Dixie Daily News) and others.

They have all his speeches which were posted on available on CD.

I am not sure how the Republican presidential candidates are faring. It seems that there isn't real enthusiasm among Republicans for most of them. I think Ron Paul represents a fair segment of grass roots Republican attitudes. It will be interesting if he can achieve some type of breakthrough where is he one of the front runners.

Interesting is that the Neo-Confederates report that Fox News hates him. I am afraid that some reflexive (reacting) liberals and leftists will think that Ron Paul is a good thing.

There is still considerable time left before the primaries and the situation is still fluid. I think it might become a situation where there is Romney representing the non-ideological faction. Whether the ideological candidate will be Ron Paul, I have no way of knowing.

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