Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oh Please! Columbia, SC publication public relations blather

In this article in The State, the major paper of South Carolina, the city of Columbia urges the media not to have all the interviews in front of the Confederate flag on the state house grounds.

The flag was put there to be prominent, to be seen, and so as a consequence it is being seen. The purpose of a flag is to declare identity.

So to whine about the media coverage that includes the flag is somewhat hypocritical. It is like putting up a bill board and complaining that people are reading it. I think this news story is one of those managing public opinion news stories that major dailies put out. If the Confederate flag gives the state of South Carolina a negative image, it isn't because the state of South Carolina did something stupid, but it is the fault of the big bad news media.

Note to The State, state of South Carolina, you made your bed, now you sleep in it.

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