Monday, February 26, 2007

League of the South and Racism (Or Who in Vermont is kidding Whom?)

It would be very instructive to read the lead article on the League of the South webpage titled, "Let's Drop the 'R' Word," by Mike Tuggle which you can read at this link. Link to article here..

The article argues that the term "racism" and the concept are invalid. Tuggle claims that the concept of racism was and is a attempt by Marxists to attack the West. So if you asked a League of the South member if they are racist, they would deny it since they don't see it as a valid concept. Tuggle likens using the term "racism" to using Scientology terminology. Concluding:

"Don't laugh. As obvious as the above may seem, many conservative Christians have unknowingly adopted a term that undermines their own beliefs while promoting the ideology of their enemies. By accepting the term "racism" from the Marxist secular humanists, mainstream Christian conservatives are promoting the radical, anti-Christian ideology that invented it. "

One reason the League of the South has taken this approach to the concept of racism is that it has been all too well documented the racist agenda of the League of the South. So the term "racism" itself is attacked as "anti-Christian ideology." Of course this entire line of reasoning is to support a racist agenda and an attack on anti-racism at a most fundamental level.

Who is Naylor kidding, the League of the South is very serious racist group.

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