Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sen. Biden feels he will do well in the South since Delaware is a former slave state.

Sen. Biden of Delaware claimed that he was going to do well in the South since he comes from a former slave state which makes Delaware southern. Here are a couple links to the story and editorials. Then I will give my two cents worth.

This is the transcript from Fox News:,2933,210668,00.html

This is a local Delaware paper also reporting it and pointing out that Biden's comments are a real insult to Delaware, which is quite correct.

Click here for story at

This article from a newspaper in Alabama makes fun of Biden and shows other inanities in his statement.

Click here for link.

I think this comment by Biden shows the shallowness of many Democrats in regards to their commitment to Civil Rights and a "Romance of Reunion" mentality that doesn't take Neo-Confederacy seriously.

This is Biden's record on Neo-Confederacy which I am going to update:

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